Sol & Liz's House Carrington, Nottingham


A great night out with my most favorite people. The collective, all together – Unfortunately it’s a rare occurrence these days…

We start at the Bodega Social, Nottingham. We watched our mates band ‘Alberto Veto’and roar and whistle with pride. We all bundle back to Sol & Liz’s house for lashings of wine, chatter about the band and the new tracks, ‘how are the kids?’ Ooh, the anticipation of Christmas holidays…‘No more wine?’ Vodka on rox it is!

And there, in the shadows, you will find me. Violet, covertly sneaking, shooting like crazy, trying so hard to be ignored and to capture some of this wonderful atmosphere with some high speed film and two of my favorite ladies; Diana Baby and Lady Holga.

My friends are engrossed in many different conversations and their voices raise higher and higher over Sols’ obscure music, which continues to screech from the ipod. I feel like I’m there but not – almost invisible. A sudden shift in the room, a split glass of something, laughter in union and the doorbell rings.

Taxi for Vi………..

written by violet_rayy on 2009-12-15 #places #band #books #fun #drinking #house #wine #lights #overexposed #grain #lamp #location #laughing #b-w #friends #guitars #mates #sol #alberto-veto #liz


  1. janette
    janette ·

    Vi! You really captured the party, looks like a great night!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice shots and sweet text !

  3. satomi
    satomi ·

    Hey, girrrl, where was my invitation!?:p fantastic looking party!:)

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