Two Is The Magic Number


Have you ever heard someone say “grab two of them” when you find the absolute perfect sweater, shoes, or rare collectors items? In this case, there’s no need to think twice about grabbing two…

Well, let’s start with Perfect Camera-Doubles :

You really don’t have to think twice about grabbing two, you just have to enter quantity : 2 of camera you want, proceed to checkout, and see that one of the two cameras in your cart is a free gift! *Offer applies to the La Sardina Metal Editions, Diana Pinhole, Colorsplash, and Supersampler.

Perfect Pairs :

Credits: malexrosales, panelomo & werriston

We love friendship. That’s why I’m going to give my bestie the twin camera I get when I order my La Sardina Metal Edition, Diana Pinhole, Colorsplash, and Supersampler editions.

Perfect Photo-Pairings :

Credits: fafascinado

You and your friend can have fun shooting together, from different perspectives, and match your perfect photo-pairngs together like one Lomographer did above!

Perfect Symmetrical-Doubles :

Credits: hodachrome, ryanhelfant & reneg88

The MX function is a blast, and is on all of the La Sardinas. You don’t have to have the Multiple-Exposure function to render shots like those above. Grab your Diana Pinhole, Colorsplash, or Supersampler and shoot a scene, and then flip your camera on its head to expose the film once again without rewinding it yet for an alternate-world-like masterpiece.

Add a touch of sophistication to your wide-angle escapades. The La Sardina Metal Editions can shoot amazingly expansive Lomographs while indulging your senses with its fine looks and classic appeal. Whether you choose Beluga in red or Czar in blue, you’ll have taste of analogue luxury with the La Sardina Metal Editions. Get them in our Shop now!

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