Introducing the Belair X 6-12's New Super Heroic Sidekick: The 35mm Back!

2013-05-17 1

Look over here! A print of a bird, a plane… there’s nothing the new Belair X 6-12 35mm Back can’t do. Don’t believe me? Read on to my review of the new back’s heroic powers.

Last year, Lomography introduced us to the Belair camera. With its 6×12, 6×9, & 6×6 formats plus it’s interchangeable lenses and autoexposure, this was one of the most versatile cameras to ever come out of Lomography. Who knew they were planning more? I was lucky enough to get the chance to test drive the brand new Lomography Belair X 6-12 35mm Back. Come with me on this journey as we put it through its paces and find out just how versatile this amazing camera can be.

There are going to be many reviews and guides coming out on how to properly setup your Belair camera to use the 35mm back, so I’m not going to go over any of that. I’m just going to focus this review on the results. ’Cause—man—can this back give you some AMAZING results!

I shot dozens of rolls of at least a dozen different types of film. So, let’s see what all my fuss is about…

First off, with this back you are going to get some AMAZING sprocket shots. These sprocket shots are huge and wide—more so than you’ll see with the Sprocket Rocket, the Diana, or the Lubitel 166+. And, this format works great with the choices of lenses already released with the Belair. My personal favorite look for sprocket shots are to shoot slide film and develop them as such. This is how you get the gorgeous white sprocket holes you’ll see. Here are some examples taken with Fuji Velvia.

Here are a few more slide film shots taken with other films. Notice the gorgeous color saturation you get—beautiful blue skies. Slide film is generally more expensive to buy and develop, but it really shines with the Belair 35mm Back. I highly recommend trying this combo out at least once with your new accessory.

Now, on to some color negative film. I’ve put a slew of different types of CN films through this camera and they all held up magnificently. From sunrise to sunset and beyond, I have nothing but amazing great results. Check out a few shots here that run the camera through it’s paces.

Finally, let’s get to some B&W and other creative-type films. As you can see B&W held up quite nice, but I’m a huge fan of Redscale and Tungsten films. These came out soo great!

So, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for checking out this review, but the moment this 35mm back is available for the Belair you should stop and drop what you’re doing and roll over to order one. My only advice is to order a bunch of different kinds of film when you do and try them all out. You’ll be thrilled with the results!

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  1. scissorkix
    scissorkix ·

    Great article! Thank you! I can't wait to get my Belair Jetsetter!

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