Using your Tablet with the Smartphone Film Scanner

2013-05-31 3

Many photographers love to carry their iPad or Android tablet around to edit their photos and upload to Facebook or Instagram straight after their shoot. Therefore, the tablet is an essential item in their bags. Sadly, the Smartphone Film Scanner is not made to scan the films with a tablet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

In the instructions below, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7 (SGT7.7) with the default camera app. I will show an example with default Photo Editor and Snapseed

Basic setup of 2 stacks (Likewise as iPhone setup), Leftover stack, camera holder and SGT7.7
My basic setup with the SGT7.7 camera on the top left hand.

I used the extra stack to stack it with the camera holder. This setup will hold your tablet without leaving it to sway.

Default camera with default camera settings
Camera setup: Focus – Macro, Effects – Negative, Guidelines – On

Above are my preferred settings. You can set it as you like, and after that, you can start to scan the photo.
One tip for you is that you can use the Guidelines to straighten your camera to the negatives before you scan the photos.

After you have scanned the photos, head to the gallery app to crop or rotate your photo.

From here, you can choose your favourite apps to edit the photo. You can use basic the Photo Editor to improve the color and contrast of the scan, but for me, I prefer to use Snapseed to improve it.

Screenshot of Photo Editor. I only choose Color > Auto-Adjustment to correct the contrast and brightness.
Screenshot of Photo Editor. I only choose Auto Correct to correct the contrast and brightness. As I feel that the photos aren’t sharp enough, I head to Details > Sharpness and add +25 to it.

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  1. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Great job; glad to see someone tried their tablet.

  2. tdphotog
    tdphotog ·

    Any advice for someone with an iPad? At this point I'm considering tossing my smartphone film scanner because the results are TERRIBLE. If it's possible to use it with my iPad and if someone creates a half decent app it might just get me to change my mind.

  3. henrytanth
    henrytanth ·

    Sorry for the late reply.. I didn't know my article was posted.. Hahaha.
    tdphotog. For iPad, you can just use the same method but using Lomography apps.
    The app on iPhone, iPad works well. It has to depend which iPad you are using as well because iPad 2 camera is terrible. It is only VGA quality. The SGT I'm using is only 3MP.
    I use my default camera is due to the Lomo app on Android doesn't scan well with my film. It always looks blur but on iPhone it looks very sharp. If you want to use your iPad, you could take it with your iPhone and transfer to your iPad using 3rd party apps.

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