Malaysia Welcomes the Undead


Lights, Camera Action! Roger Christian, the art director of “Star Wars”, has listed Malaysia as the filming location for his upcoming zombie film. What does he have in mind? Find out after the jump!

Credits: jorgesato

Academy Award winner, Roger Christian, has chosen Malaysia to be the backdrop for his latest project, “Temple of the Undead”. With experience in highly detailed projects such as Sin City, Star Wars, Alien and 300, this feature will be quite a treat!

Credits: jorgesato, lazybuddha & domemerson

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, it’s just going to be another Hollywood zombie flick. Whatever.”. Well, you’re in for a surprise since he’s planning on sourcing all of his talent, crew and locations, strictly from Malaysia only.

Credits: jorgesato

Do you think he’ll shoot his film the analogue way? Just imagine Roger Christian huddled behind a LomoKino shooting Malaysian zombies hurdling over one another!

I personally have never seen a Malaysian zombie flick but I sure want to try! Who knows what Roger Christian will have in store for us! After all, the film is still in pre-production and anything is possible.

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