Color Tiger 110 Burning Bright, in the Forests of the Night...

2013-04-16 1

I was prepared for the Lomography Color Tiger 110 film to be a simple colour film, low-fidelity, reminiscent of the poor colour reproduction of the 110 of my childhood. I could not have been more wrong!

Delicate, simple, peaceful… yeah, the setting it great. But so is the Tiger 110!

To be fair, it isn’t like there is much else I can do to shoot 110 in colour. It’s pretty much just our friend the Tiger, unless you want to go X-Pro with the Peacock. I’ll be reviewing that one next, and my comparison, I felt kind of bland about Tiger. It can’t possibly be that vibrant, can it?

No problem, though. I dropped this right in my trusty Minolta Pocket Pak 440E (a lovely bar-type camera… I have a Minolta Zoom 110 SLR as well, but the shutter sticks) and I was off and running. On the off chance you’ve never used 110 film before, it’s a paper-backed film that is pretty much drop and load. Once the film is done, the film itself is safely encased on one side of the cartridge. No fuss! No rewinding!

Make sure you use your flash even in medium light! (I forgot)

I was nervous developing this film the first time. I use a Yankee developing drum and reel set; it’s the only adjustable reel I’ve seen that can handle 110/16mm. Yes, I very easily develop my own film, and you can too! Check out blueskyandhardrock’s awesome step-by-step guide to developing with C-41 at home.

Aside from getting such a thin film on the reel, this is remarkably easy to develop. Also, once developed, there is plenty of space between the images, so scanning is a snap. It’s all so standardized, you’ll think using 35mm or medium format is tedious by comparison! Well no, not really, but it is remarkably easy.

Dawn colours are reproduced beautifully with the Color Tiger 110

Overall? This film is really solid, and it’s much more vibrant than the quiet olive green box colour would suggest, with phenomenal colour reproduction and soft blues and vibrant greens. I pick up a 3-pack with each Lomo order I place, just to have it on hand. Easy to shoot, easy to develop, easy to scan, and with such amazing colour throughout. What more could you need? :)

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