Solo Photowalk Routes: Walking Along King George’s Avenue

Old, out of the way, part-industrial, part-residential, but a whole roll of lomo fun! That is what King George’s Avenue in Singapore offers the lomo adventurer.

King George’s Avenue is a part of Singapore where I have been popping by every two months or so for the last few years. After a while, you tend to get used to the sights there and take everything for granted. One day, I decided to look at this old estate through my film camera’s view finder.

As someone who chooses to shoot film, I enjoy taking solo lomo walks. Unlike digital photography, film photography makes you think before you shoot (contrary to Lomo Rule #6; but hey, there’s always Lomo Rule #10). You have to ask yourself if the photo is worth taking, given that you only have a limited number of frames.

That’s perhaps why an analogue photographer will be more conscious when composing and making a photo. As Jason Row wrote in Light Stalking, “The biggest continuous cost to a film photographer was the film itself and its processing, and because of this each image had a value. The massive capacity of today’s memory cards has reduced the perceived value of a shot to virtually zero.”

It is amazing how much you see when you know you only have 36 frames. Though I brought extra rolls of film with me I was prudent when deciding to take a photo. But that did not stop me from snapping away.

To me, this is the place to go if you want to get a tent made in Singapore.

There’s a whole row of shops dedicated to this trade here.

But there are other types of businesses here too.

And after a hard day’s work I can imagine them having a beer or two with their co-workers.

This is an old estate, with an ageing population. Resting and gathering points are tell tale signs of the profile of residents in the area.

Even so there also signs that this estate is being upgraded, which means, if I don’t capture the photos now on film, I may miss the opportunity to do so in months to come.

Do you also document neighbourhoods for the same reason?

See the full album “here”:

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