Horizon Perfekt Makes Me Mr. Popular

2013-04-15 1

Most people will look at it curiously and ask me what is it; I will reply, coupled with conviction that this is a head turning machine, and it can capture the perfect sceneries I see with a 120 degrees panoramic view.

How to use it:
1. Exposure metering
2. Bring up the camera
3. Don’t think, no need to compose
4. Capture everything beautiful on film.

To be honest, when I wasn’t so familiar with the Horizon Perfekt, I was wary of its heavy weight, and I don’t know what types of photos it can produce; I even told my friend that having a Sprocket Rocket is good enough for me, I don’t think I will need this. Little did I know that I changed my mind completely after a trial run.

Hence, on an afternoon when I was bursting with piggies and there was a Horizon Perfekt sale online, I bought this amazing camera!

Taichung Embassy Store Workshop:Spring time walk amongst the golden wheat fields

1. It is an expert in capturing landscape shots, with a tinge of distortion and elongation. These mysterious, charming, and captivating lines kept people fascinated.

2. For night shots, it is a steady and reliable partner, with a stable setup and slow shutter, one can basically get decent shots. It is quite rare to see such nice panoramic shots!

3. For portraits, it does the job superbly, results are funny to the max; it is the perfekt tool to capture my bunch of cute friends, no composition required and no need to worry about its performance. Shoot every smiley face and shoot where ever there is a crowd!

4. Who says it can’t take self portraits if one calculates the distance properly?

5. I love its uniqueness and its super wide angle; there is no need for me to think, or adjust any angles or take a step back to capture everything in sight. Like I mentioned earlier, there is no need to compose and think, just bring it up and do the “head turning” moves non stop!

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