Solo Photowalk Routes: Running Up Anski Vrh


I admit it. I’m an introvert. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like company or that I don’t like to socialize. It just means that I cherish my alone time.

There are many ways I spend my alone time. People sometimes ask me if I don’t get bored with all this alone time and I tell them “no, because only boring people get bored”.

Just kidding, I don’t say anything — I’m an introvert and I keep things like that to myself. And things like that tend to fill my mind a lot, to the limit where I feel like I’m gonna explode. That’s the time a need a solo walk and climb that hill I can see so clearly through my window.

Credits: lomofrue

There were times I didn’t like to climb hills and mountains so much. Well, I hated it. But that was because I was an athlete and I got enough of running every day and I really didn’t need anything more. But when I stopped being an athlete, I needed something else to clear my mind. And I started climbing hills.

I can’t really say it’s my favourite thing in the world or that I enjoy it so much I wouldn’t do anything else, but it’s my ultimate meditation. When I’m climbing that hill, I go through so many stuff in my head. I analyze all my problems, I think about things people said and made and how everything made me feel. It’s just woods, music in my ears and my thoughts.

Credits: lomofrue

I go to this local hill almost every day. It’s a small one, just steep enough for my daily needs. It’s called Anski Vrh, which literally means Ann’s Top. There’s this beautiful path leading to the top, passing beautiful trees with clear air around. And at the top there is a bench and this great view. It’s not spectacular but it’s my view. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Sometimes I would just sit on the bench and watch the view. Sometimes some other people would join me and we’ll talk at the top. It’s just nice to see how people are always so happy at the top. I guess it’s because you have this feeling you really accomplished something. Mens sana in corpore sano. That’s my philosophy and the one I would recommend to everyone. There’s nothing like a little solo walk up the hill!

Credits: lomofrue

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