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2013-04-06 2

Get ready for a big bag of analogue goodies because on “Show Your Stash” this weekend is community member @paulm99 from Seligenstadt, Germany. Find out which cameras and comic books he brought along on his recent trip to the UK!

Photo by paulm99

This is my stash for my trip to London. —Paul Müller (@paulm99)

Photo by paulm99


  • LC-A + with Splitzer: I often use this nice and handy camera for making doubles and the Splitzer is a nice addition.
  • Diana+ Dreamer: The Diana is a great camera if you need a point and shoot camera but don’t want to miss the holy medium format. And she also looks quite good :P
  • Polaroid 640: Everybody loves the feeling of holding a fresh taken picture, right? Me too.
  • Pentax Spotmatic SP: It’s my first camera and I still love it. The Spotmatic is great for long time exposures and also for portraits on 35mm film.
  • Kiev 88: My newest camera. The first time I’ve seen it, I was instantly in love. The Kiev is pretty heavy but that’s okay when you have a rucksack and don’t have to carry it all the time in the hand. It takes wonderful portraits, still lifes, and close ups.
Photo by paulm99


  • Lomography CN 800 120
  • Lomography Lady Grey 120
  • all kinds and brands of 35mm film: slide, negative and black and white
  • Impossible PX680
Photo by paulm99


  • Pentax 55mm + 200mm tele lens
  • Kiev 65mm + 120mm: Normally, I use the 120mm lens


  • Splitzer
  • Colorsplash Flash: also cool for black and white film, if you want to shift the contrast
  • German Cullman tripod, cable release, ND filters: for long time exposures at day time too
Photo by paulm99


  • iPod nano 3rd generation: old, but gold
  • canvas bag: because I don’t want to carry all my cameras with me all the time (in Germany we say Jute Beutel)
  • some old DC Superman and Batman comics
  • PhotoKlassik: PhotoKlassik is a German magazine for film photography, but it isn’t easy to get, because you only can buy it at train stations and airports
  • Andreas Feiningers Grosse Fotolehre (“The Complete Photographer”): a great book, hard to read with 500 pages without a picture and filled with theory, but very helpful.
Credits: paulm99

Thanks for showing us your stash, @paulm99!

Check out Paul’s article “Your Own Macro Studio” in the Magazine!

Wanna show off your stash? E-mail with your analogue essentials and you could be our next featured film photographer!

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