The Green Hills of Scotland


Scotland is an amazing destination that has so much more to offer than just castle after castle. This beautiful country with its endless green landscapes is worth discovering. The tons of fresh air and never-ending showers you get for free!

During my studies, I was lucky enough to get to spend some time in Scotland, thanks to the Erasmus program. Getting the chance to study in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, was incredible. This beautiful city has everything a student needs, including the largest nightlife scene in the country!

After we had extensively enjoyed the bustling nightlife, we decided it was time to leave the parties behind for a while. So we traded the city for the countryside, and spent the weekend exploring the Scottish Highlands.

This region is scattered with countless small roads that took us through some of the most spectular landscapes I had ever seen. Throughout these green hills we found plenty of things worth admiring: mirror-like lakes perfectly reflecting the surrounding scenery, enchanting rivers, millions of sheep living happily on farms, and the loveliest villages with white-painted houses.

What I liked the most is the typical Scottish cows, a local breed of cattle. Their long horns and long wavy coats make them look like miniature mammoths. Some could use a haircut as the long hair covers their eyes!

To anyone who’s planning to spend their summer vacation in the mountains, I would highly recommend coming to Scotland. There are plenty of lakes if you fancy a swim, and the landscapes are so incredibly beautiful that you will not be disappointed!

written by ratonchuelo on 2013-04-11 #places #nature #locations #location #lomography #highlands #scotland #escape-from-the-city
translated by sandravo

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