The Village of Garipce, Sariyer


When you are bored of Istanbul, take your camera and your beloved ones with you… It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside.

Whenever I get bored of Istanbul, one of the things that comes to my mind is Garipce Village. There I can have a nice breakfast on the weekends or eat some delicious fish while the waves slightly splash around me.

Garipce Vİllage is usually not crowded at all. You may walk up to the ancient Castle of Genoese (Ceneviz Kalesi), or you may just sit down and snack some sunflower seed as Turkish people do. The inside of the Castle wracked and ruined a little bit, but it is still worth to see.

It doesn’t take more than half an hour because the inner part of the village is very small. On the right side, up to the hill, hiking is possible.

You may go there by car or by public buses. Since I heard about the potential third bridge which is planned to be built there, I’ve been visiting the village more often. It’s the right place to rest your head.

When turning back home, the darkened sky gave me so much pleasure that it was even harder to leave from there.

Photos taken using a Zenit 12xp Hellios 44mm.

written by kare on 2013-04-12 #places #nature #fish #locations #istanbul #location #shore #turkey #lomography #sariyer #city-adventures #garipce
translated by coconutcorbasi

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