Using the Smartphone Scanner on the iPhone With Photoforge 2 and Photoshop Express


As soon as we had the first prototype of the Smartphone Scanner in the office I wanted to use it. But back then we didn’t have an application so I started looking around and finally settled on Photoshop Express (free app).

For this quick walkthrough I picked an old roll of film taken in Toronto. It’s a cross processed film – basically the steps are the same for pretty much any film but slide film. And for black and white the color adjustments are not required of course.

Photoshop Express

If you haven’t installed Photoshop Express yet you can you can download it for free. The first photo in the gallery is how the final result will look like, right below I guide you through all the steps.

  1. The final result – see the image in full resolution here
  2. First I’ve selected the crop tool
  3. Pick the area you want to crop to and then hit OK
  4. Next I picked the Negative filter
  5. There is no level feature, but Brightness & Contrast does the trick as well
  6. Now the photo looks a bit warmer

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you – let us know if you have any more questions!

written by recurving on 2013-04-04 #gear #tutorials #tipster #scanner #photoshop #app #photoforge

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  1. miicat
    miicat ·

    Thanks for posting this. I've been trying to use the Lomo Scanner, and unfortunately all of my photos come out very blue. I tried using photoshop to adjust the color levels, but I'm not skilled enough to make the photo look good. Do you have any suggestions?
    Here's an example:

  2. thekrunkymonkey
    thekrunkymonkey ·

    I have been using the scanner app and TRYING to stitch together a panorama. The app is absolutely USELESS at doing this and ruins the stitch every time. As I can't find a useful support site for the app, I am posting my whine here and asking if there is a convenient place to post questions for the scanner app?

  3. rjllane
    rjllane ·

    Unfortunately, Photoforge is no longer available for purchase as of 12-June-2013. The developer, Ghostbird, was bought out by Yahoo!

  4. elvis
    elvis ·

    thx ! better than the app .

  5. amystars
    amystars ·

    Barely need to make an adjustment now to my photos using the scanner with Photoshop Express app. Perfect! Thanks.

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