Watch Spring Come to Life in Jerte Valley


The Jerte Valley in Spain is one of the most beautiful places to experience the awakening of nature after a cold hard winter. The start of spring lets you admire a very magical spectacle: the blossoming cherry trees.

Lovers of Japanese culture are no doubt familiar with hanami (“flower watching”), the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, mostly cherry blossoms. However, this ancient custom has outgrown Japan. Every year more and more people get excited, all over the world, when spring starts and cherry trees blossom. If you’re in Spain, it’s the perfect time to load up your camera and head out to Jerte Valley, which holds the most impressive cherry garden in the country!

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The cherry blossoms in Jerte Valley draw a large crowd. What started in the 70’s as a small local celebration, has over the years grown out to become a large event, with both national and international tourists coming to Jerte Valley to witness this amazing phenomenon.

No-one knows exactly when the cherry trees will wake up. This year they are expected to start blossoming early April. As the blossoms typically last no more than ten days, you’d better be quick and take advantage!

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Jerte Valley has more to offer to visitors than just cherry trees. Particularly during the blossoming season plenty of festivities are organized throughout the 11 municipalities. You can participate in different activities, games, exhibitions, performances and tours.

No matter where you go in this natural paradise full of fruit trees, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by a natural white mantle. Jerte Valley is an enchanting place, worthy of your admiration!

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A couple of years ago, I brought a small cherry tree home from my visit to Jerte Valley. Three years late,r it is growing strong and flowering every year. This way I have a small piece of Jerte Valley in my home!

Credits: missnothing

Enjoy springtime!

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