Lomography Day Trips: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Known for its colourful carnivals, smooth samba and Bossa Nova, Rio de Janeiro is a city simply full of life! So let’s take a walk and immerse ourselves on the art and culture it has to offer with this edition of Lomography Day Trips!

Rio de Janeiro (or simply as Rio) is the second largest city of Brazil, and the third largest metropolitan area and agglomeration in South America. Most recently, it has become a home of a World Heritage Site named “Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea”, as granted by UNESCO on 1 July 2012 in the category Cultural Landscape.

In popular culture, Rio is depicted as a colorful and larger than life city, but in this installment of Lomography Day Trips, let’s take an alternative route and go outside the box.

Credits: dcamposeco

One great and interesting aspect of this Brazilian city is that the art and culture is not only found on galleries and museums. They are not limited to a four-cornered space but rather, they can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Photos by maymosciaro

One testament to that is the nitty-gritty scene that you will encounter on Rio's slums or the _favelas_. While you might need to tread this areas with a little bit more caution — especially if you are a tourist — these streets are sure to give you a dose of perspective and photographic inspiration.

Credits: dcamposeco

(And if you ever find yourself wanting to stay the night near the favelas, one of our community members recommend The Maze Inn.)

If you happen to stay in Rio for the weekend, then you might also want to check out the antique fairs happening behind XV Square, under the Perimetral.

Photos by hiperativa

Or perhaps, take a walk back in time in the neighborhood of São Cristóvão or in Praia Vermelha in Urca.

Credits: mabbom
Photos by lucianamorin

Despite its reputation for being a lively and colourful city, Rio has its share of quiet spots, too. One of them is the Real Gabinete Portugues de Leitura, a beautiful colonial library found in the heart of the city. It’s a gem of a place that will sure delight your inner bookworm.

Photos by wil6ka

But in the end, if all else fails, there’s always the beaches! Ipanema, Copacabana, Barra da Tijuca, Leblon — take your pick!

Lomo On!

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