Gallery of Guilty Pleasures: Double that Hand, Darling

2013-04-07 9

Sometimes, there are things in life we just can’t stop doing. Sometimes these are things we don’t want or actions we know have been done too many times but still, jump in the bandwagon that eventually turns into a guilty pleasure.

That applies in a lot of factors in life — the music you listen to, the movies you watch, or even in the friends you choose. That can also apply in our darling Community, especially when it comes to the subjects we choose to photograph.

HANDS! How many hands have we seen in this Community? I bet you’ve seen more than one, two, five, or ten! Hands are never-ending, we love to Lomograph this God-given part! And we don’t stop there because of course, we have to expose them in double or multiple!

Guilty? Don’t worry because it’s totally fine! We love your Lomographs and that’s why we’re featuring the 50 best hands shot in double or multiple exposure in this week’s gallery post! Raise those hands up, yo!

Credits: opon21, modern_nmt, tomkiddo, antibiotyx, odax, natalieerachel, bente-b-jenssen, fletchinski84, katinkaja, twizzer88, earlybird, atria007, roberteaton, kiwikoh, guitarleo, nadinadu, superkulisap, feelux, rjk_89, freckleface, lawypop, realrampage, anpank, hodachrome, rrohe, jojo8785, palkina, meryl, funfun, sprofishgel, chesnokova, riko55555, miss_maha, saintempire, mensa, ehmahh, coca, callmeca, paramir, judoquinn & kernow_and_cambria

Got more and want to be seen? Come on and link them in our comment box! The more hands the… merrier! ;)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-04-07 #lifestyle #hand #multiple-exposure #hands #double-exposure


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  2. tonantzin
  3. mayeemayee
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  6. robotto_dawad
    robotto_dawad ·

    great hands double!

  7. modern_nmt
    modern_nmt ·

    nice all picture . Thank @mayeemayee

  8. sajextryus
  9. mmxi

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