Top Shoutbox Users of March 2013

2013-04-06 2

We can’t deny that we have several ways of messaging in this day and age.

Social networking sites, your smartphone’s awesome messenger application, and of course, the trusty e-mail we all have. But despite these technological features, we’re glad that you still come back to our eensie weensie Community Shoutbox! Here’s March 2013’s top shoutbox users. Hooray!

djramsay (134 shouts)
aldaer (114 shouts)
aanum (76 shouts)
qrro (73 shouts)
micky_s (54 shouts)
blueskyandhardrock (53 shouts)
emkei (52 shouts)
diana3009 (52 shouts)
poepel (46 shouts)
mephisto19 (45 shouts)

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