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Le Pigeon is a Montreal-based photographer who chooses to shoot 35mm over digital. He has recently joined the artists at The Print Atelier, and we got to chat with him about his works – Check it out after the jump!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ve been up to.

I’m a young photographer based in Montreal and I direct my work toward fashion and lifestyle photography. More recently, I’ve been doing a lot of work with musicians and artists. I go on tour and try to capture their life on the road. On a more personal note I don’t think I’ll be having kids in the next two years.

Well, we’re definitely curious – where did the name Le Pigeon come from?

I hate to be disappointing but the truth is my father’s name is Emilio Pigeon. Therefore my name is in fact Jerry Pigeon. I’m just using my last name

Photos via Le Pigeon

We were super excited to hear that you shot with 35mm film. Why do you choose to use this medium to shoot with amongst the digital grind?

I was never able to recreate the 35mm feel with digital photography. There is something timeless about film that really sticks to my personality. It’s not about trend it’s about choice.
I’m in love with the developing process. It’s not a quick procedure. It gives me the time to digest the images.

How did you get involved with the Print Atelier?

The curator, Maude Arsenault invited me to be part of the project. I was very excited to be exposed there along other photographers and for my work to be available online for anyone worldwide.

Are there any recent or upcoming projects of yours that we should look out for?

I have two books that are going to be published within the next year. One of them is a retrospective of the Ariane Moffatt MA tour. I traveled with the band for more than a year in Canada, Europe and the United States. The whole project is in 35mm. My other book is more personal. It’s my second book and it’s gonna show an intrusion into the personal lives of Montreal girls. In 35mm as well.

Photos via Le Pigeon

And lastly, any tips on shooting with film for our community members?

What the 35mm has taught me is to think more about the image. I tend to shoot a lot less than when I shoot digitally and to be more selective. Don’t hesitate to impose your 35mm work to clients. Even if it’s more expensive. If you choose to work with 35mm, do it by choice. Not because it’s trendy.

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For a bit more information, here is Le Pigeon’s bio from The Print Atelier:

Le Pigeon was born in Montreal’s east end, where he first discovered life ‘anywhere than in the schoolyard’ and then took to street photography or perhaps photography of the streets. Le Pigeon’s states that ‘If I’m often caught looking at the ground it’s because I have an unbridled passion for feet, especially those of women.’

An autodidact who shoots on film with a 35mm camera, Le Pigeon has just published his first book, a retrospective of his ‘point and shoot’ work. His work has also been featured in magazines such as Perle, SNAP, Nightlife, Urbania and Vice.

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