Lomographer for a Day: Klaus-Werner

2013-04-07 1

I, nia_ffm, gave a Holga Micro loaded with a Lomography Color Tiger 110 to my father Klaus-Werner and I have turned him into a “Lomographer for a day”. Look what he’s done!

Photo by K-W

I decided to spread some LomoLove for Christmas and gave my father a Holga Micro and a film. Let’s see what his impression was!

Photos by K-W

How long since you had shot an analogue film roll?
It must have been around 2002. Since then I just took photos with my digital cameras.

How would you describe the experience in five words?
The Holga Micro is very small, handy and a fun camera!

Which picture, out of all you took, you like the best, and why?
It is this picture of the sunset I like the most. The light conditions weren’t the best and with the Holga Micro you can’t change any settings but I really like the mood of this picture.

My father’s favorite photo

If you could teleport to any part of the world with this camera and lots of film, which would it be and why?
I would choose South America because of the amazing nature: Amazon, jungle, seaside, big cities, and people.

After your analogue experience with the Holga Micro, did you wanted to search for your old cameras, buy some film and go analogue?
At the first moment I totally wanted to take out my Hasselblad and Nikon, but I must say it is much cheaper to photograph digital and I see more possibilities, like seeing the image right away.

Photos by K-W

As you can see, I did not turn my father into a Lomographer, but he put out his Hasselblad, and if it wasn’t broken I guess he would take some analogue photos right now. So spread some LomoLove and let us know who you turned into a Lomographer for one day!

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