LomoAmigo Diego Mapa of Tarsius shoots with the La Sardina


We’re thrilled to introduce our first LomoAmigo for the Philippines: Musician Diego Mapa of bands Pedicab, Cambio, Tarsius (amongst many others!) Take a peek into his daily grind as he shoots with the La Sardina El Capitan with Flash camera!

Name: Diego Mapa
Occupation: Musician
City: Manila, Philippines

1. Hi Diego! Could you kindly introduce yourself to the Lomography analogue Community?

Hello I’m Diego Mapa I have been active in Manila’s music scene both live and recording since 1997. The bands and projects I’m well known for are: Monsterbot, Eggboy, Dayuhan, The Vince Noir Project, Cambio, Pedicab, and Tarsius. I’ve released several indie and major label albums. Currently I work as a web manager at ArtisteConnect.com (the first crowdfunding website in the Philippines) and I am also a music arranger for post production: TV Commercials, Radio, film score, TV score etc. I am also a family man and love collecting vintage gear and records.

2. You’ve been pretty active in the Philippine music scene for quite some time now encompassing a wide variety of music genres, and we’ve heard that you’re working on yet another musical project. Could you tell us more about Tarsius?

Tarsius is my first full on electronic band. There are only two of us in the group, I’m with Jay Gapasin of Radioactive Sago Project. We have recently released a vinyl on Numberline Records Here opposed to my other bands, we play a lot of instrumental electronic music, and I play a sampler. While Jay plays drums and we try to play as loud as possible with our minimal set up :)

✘ Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vyAv0RWQssw<figcaption>Tarsius – Deathless Gods</figcaption>

3. From where do you get your inspiration while making music?

Vintage gear, records, music in general from all genres, travel, magazines, movies, etc.

4. Tell us about your dream gig as if it were a photograph or roll of film.

My dream gig is to have visuals being played synced to our music with lights. If it were a photograph it would probably one of those when you take a picture of moving lights and the lights are streaking, you know what I mean.

Up close and personal with the band ‘Gaijin’ at a gig

5. How does it feel to be the first LomoAmigo from the Philippines?

Its great and very flattered. I was thinking you would get someone who is probably closer to a photographer. I hope you’re happy with your choice. And I also saw your line up of LomoAmigos across the globe and whew! I am not worthy, but thank you!

6. What was your first impression of the La Sardina camera?

The design is really striking and cool. And we own a couple of Lomos too, and I also sold Lomos before! We had: Diana, Holga and Action Sampler w Flash. I thought it would be similar to the Holga or Diana but the La Sardina is a totally different toy. And not bad, all three rolls of film you gave me, everything came out. At first I was trying to be like a pro photographer, like choosing my subjects, being careful about lighting, but after like 10 shots I just went crazy and just clicked on whenever. I also lent it to the toddlers, my friends, and all of us enjoyed it.

7. Could you give us the favorite shot you took with the La Sardina? Why say so?

I love a lot of the shots, but to name a few I attached 3.

The plant shot, here I was trying to be a pro like I said above, I was trying to choose a subject. And this shot I got lucky, I like that there’s a foreground-background thing happening here. Sorry I don’t know the photography terms. :)
The 2nd is my son Vito with my brother’s son Caleb and I just like that the photo looks like it was taken in like 1981 or something.
The last was a Tarsius gig at Saguijo Cafe and I gave the camera to my DJ mate Diego Castillo (The Diegos, Sandwich) and told him if he could finish the roll on us. Everything came out very nice. I like this one because its hazy and like we are dissolving on a moss green colored vibe that seems not be there at that time.

8. Name three songs to describe your analogue shooting experience with the La
Sardina – and why.

✘ Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DFeXxC5lBLo<figcaption>Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze</figcaption>
  • Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze (just because I said hazy above hehe)
  • 13th Floor Elevators – Reverberation (because La Sardina is psychedelic)
  • Joe Cocker’s version of “A little help from my friends” because the prints of La Sardina are sort of nostalgic for me that for some reason I remember the show, the TV series before “The Wonder Years”.

9. Could you write a quick haiku about your shooting experience with the La Sardina camera?

Wow let me try—

Sardine Camera
Long live film imperfections
Please take me back home

Huwat?! Sorry I tried! :)

10. Do you have any advice for future La Sardina photographers?

That switch that says shoot it for bright and dark? If you forget to set it, its ok :)

11. What’s coming up on the horizon? Any other new projects? What’s in the works
and what’s on your mind?

Marie Jamora’s film “Ang Nawawala” recently released their soundtrack on vinyl, check that out! Tarsius and Pedicab has a track there with other great music, bands, and artists. Also I scored that film together with Jazz Nicholas (Itchyworms) and Mikey Amistoso (Ciudad), so most of that music is also there. If you want to grab a copy visit HeimaNumberline Records is also releasing their first vinyl compilation soon, Tarsius also has a track there. Pedicab still has its EP out Kaya Mo Mag-Sando? you can also buy the release in leading record stores in the Philippines. If you’d like to help other Pinoy artists please visit artisteconnect

FB search Pedicab Manila and Tarsius
Twitter: @TarsiusManila, @PedicabManila and @diegomapa
Also buy Tarsius – Primate LP at any of the record stores mentioned above!

Maraming salamat, Diego!

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