Lomography Peacock 110 First Plumage

2013-04-11 1

My first roll of Lomography’s Peacock 110 Film and my experiences. Photos were taken with the Diana Baby 110 wide-angle lens. Disclaimer: No peacocks were harmed in the filming for this article.

My first Lomography camera was a Diana BlackJack and the first roll of film was Lomography’s X-Pro 200 120. It was a sunny day in Southern California and I was at a friend’s 60th birthday party. It was a magical set of photos in the sun and brightly lit shade.

Disney Concert Hall

When Lomography first announced the Orca film I was excited to have a new 100 speed 110 format film, but it was a little too slow. 200 speed is definitely more my style especially on a sunny day in the shade. I’ve been itching to try out the Peacock 110 film so here’s my first roll shot from my Diana Baby.

Mostly Downtown Los Angeles

My favorite so far are the sunny blue sky photos, especially the Disney Hall at dusk photos. You can also see the cloudy shots have a tinge of redscale, or maybe it was just the Colorado snow. It was a nice, sunny Saturday back in So Cal, so shooting outside while eating lunch seemed like a fun experiment. The reflections came out nicely and it has the x-pro color shift you’d expect.

Spring Time Photos

The last photo of the day was reserved for the Lomography Los Angeles Store just before I dropped the last roll off to be developed.

Lomo LA Gallery

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    I know 110 can be a bit grainy, but I'm not impressed with these. I do like the Color Tiger - I've had very good results with it. I'm now trying some 110 Lobster. Hope that is as good.

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