Basic Tip in Keeping our Cameras Brand New


Have you entered a Lomography Gallery store and felt envious of their camera display? The table or shelves used to entice every customer to go and buy one. The collection of all the cameras for sale are neatly piled inside a box with all its accessories, manuals or a photo book. Sealed as a proof that its brand new. Want to maintain the quality of your camera? You might want to consider my recommendation. Read on.

The recent Lomography store I went to gave me an idea on how to organize my collection. Since I am the type of person that keeps everything. I still have all the boxes, warranty cards, manuals, pamphlets or photo album books that came with the cameras when I bought it.

My goal was to have my own Lomography Gallery inside my room and the only way to achieve it is to imitate how the cameras are displayed when sold at the stores… kept in boxes.

First I took out all the boxes I kept years ago, cleaned and wiped some of my cameras, dusted off the sand to some that I recently used at a beach trip and then returned them to their original state. I put them back again to their own boxes. I used to put all the cameras together in a box that made it somehow difficult for me to dig in and look for small parts, accessories and batteries. At least now, all my cameras are on the shelves, displayed as if they are brand new. Yes, I am indeed, proud of my collection.

And it actually worked, some friends who visited me really taught I was selling Lomo cameras! Mission accomplished. Cameras are and will always be organized. For my future trips it will be easier now to choose which cameras I will use.

P.S. I was recently given a camera bag and now I just use it to bring my cameras whenever I am on the go.

Before and after shots:

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