Instax Mini 25 Review by Nicole Bogatitus

By Nicole

By Nicole

There’s something to be said for the tangible; holding an actual photograph in your hand that you shot is a completely different and more gratifying experience than just viewing it on a screen. Polaroid fit into that niche for so long, and while Polaroid photos often came out blurry, fuzzy, and with muted colors, it still held a place in the hearts of many. Now that Polaroid is ceasing production of instant cameras and film, the Fuji Instax cameras have stepped up to fill that void, and then some.

I’ve been shooting with the Instax mini 25 for some time, and the tiny pocket-size photos it produces still blow my mind. The colors are rich and beautiful, the contrast high (great for portraits!), and they are amazingly sharp and detailed. Not only that, the prints are in a fun credit-card size that’s portable and easy to give out to your friends. This particular model also has a small mirror and a shutter button on the front to make self-portraits a snap. The light/dark and flash/landscape settings make adjusting the camera for indoors and out simple and easy. The Instax mini 25 also features a chic orange and white molded body which never ceases to incite the question: “what kind of camera IS that?”

written by ouroborosx on 2008-07-12 #news #review #cheki #instax-mini-25 #polaroid #fuji #nicole-bogatitus

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