Medion Scanner: A Cheap and Quick Scanner for Your Negatives!


I bought this Medion Scanner a few months ago at my local Aldi store (in France, I don’t know if they sell them in other countries). I didn’t know what to expect from this scanner as it was really cheap (If I remember well, it was 30 Euros). In the end, I have to say I’m very happy with this product!

As you can see, here is the box :)

What’s inside the box? All these things:

  • The installation CD.
  • 4 plastic supports to put your negatives in.
  • A cleaner for your negatives.
  • And of course, the scanner with a cable.

So basically, you just need to open the support, put your negative in it and put it inside the scanner. Yes, it’s THAT easy! :)

And after this easy step, you open the really easy-to-use software:
You just open the program, click on “capture” and TA-DA!! Wait a few seconds and here is the picture!
The pictures are automatically saved on your computer, you don’t need to do anything, they are ready to be uploaded on your great LomoHomes! :)
You can change some settings (quality of image, negative or B/W, 35mm or 110)

It is really easy and fast! You only need a few minutes to scan a full roll!
And I was very pleased to see that the results are good!
Here are some examples of what I got:

Did someone else have the opportunity to buy this scanner? What do you think of it?

written by tonantzin on 2013-04-11 #gear #slide #negative #review #scanner #diapositive #flatbed #medion

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