Testing of La Sardina by the Paulette Magazine Reporters


We handed over our La Sardina cameras to 3 reporters and sent them on a mission to Who’s Next 2012 exhibition. Coming up, you’ll see the photos taken by Charline, Margot, and Vanessa, as well as their opinions about the La Sardina!

We presented the La Sardina to you guys last summer. Since then, this compact camera and wide angle lens has won the heart of many a man (and woman), loved by Lomographers everywhere all over the world. Its compact size, the way it’s so easy to use, and the possibilities it gives us make it an ideal camera, whether you’re a complete Lomography beginner or you just want to try a camera which is a bit different for experimenting!

Recently, the collection has grown with the arrival of the Valentine's Day collection and, more recently, the Belle Starr et Coyote editions. Basically, there’s something for everyone!

For Paulette Magazine (who we celebrated Christmas with, take a look), we gave 3 of their readers the Cubic version of La Sardina in the Who's Next exhibition so they could check out and take photos of future trends in the world of fashion. After the exhibition, and after getting back their photos, we took the chance to ask these 3 reporters what they thought about our cameras, which they were all using for the first time!


Vanessa’s photos

From my first go go with La Sardina, all the memories of my first camera that I had as a child came back to me: loading the film, the first shots, turning the winding knob after each photo “crr crr crrr”! I love it! Waiting for the little green ready light to glow on the flash with that whistling sound. I felt just like Monsieur Bretodeau, from the film Amélie, when he rediscovers his box of forgotten treasures.

Once I’d regained my analogue feet, I walked through Who’s Next with my “Cubic” Sardina in hand. Every 2 minutes, people were stopping me to ask if it’s a toy, if it actually works, they were surprised to find out that there was actual film inside it and everyone found it “so cute!”, “beautiful!” and “retro”. Because of this, they all agreed to get their picture taken (even the security guys were begging for a photo!). This little camera isn’t a toy but it’s crazy how it brings everyone together!
It’s very easy to use, even if i forgot to put it on the right settings a few times (too used to my automatic digital camera…). When they were developed, I realised that most of the photos were framed a bit low, I’ll remember that for my next roll of film.

Now that I know how it all works, I’m so excited to experiment more with colour filters for the flash, hipshots and maybe even try to use the flash away from La Sardina!

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Margo’s photos

I’d dreamed about this for years, holding a Lomo in my hands… La Sardina spoke for itself in the Who’s Next exhibition! Practical, due to its size, this camera slides easily into your pocket and it weighs no more than a feather… it grabs everyone’s attention and quickly takes its place in the heart of every curious conversation. This beast is not easily tamed, but once you understand how to handle it, you can easily have a lot of fun (double exposures and mood changes with the flash’s many colour filters)… I had a great time with this camera and this is only the start … Thank you Lomography!

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Les photos de Charline sur le salon !

La sardina’s shell is beautiful! This Cubic model drives people crazy. However, it’s hard to tell what’s hiding under the bonnet! Because of having to sort out the flash, and figure out the zoom, I kept getting lost! I should say that I’m not a Lomography connoisseur. It took me a while to realise that this creature doesn’t have the same aperture settings as other cameras, but that’s where the charm lies and that’s why I have to be flexible. How do you manage the lighting? That’s another question altogether. It’s true to say that it’s a surprise when you get back your snapshots. The flash leaves me even more perplexed, but we learn from our mistakes. Nevertheless, in terms of ergonomics, the camera is as simple as any, like a toy for grownups… La Sardina is quite the treat!

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