Lomography Day Trips: Los Angeles, California


Get your daytrip bags and cameras ready folks, because we’re heading out to the West Coast to the location that needs no introduction: Los Angeles, California!

If there was one city that would instantly be recognized by its initials, it would be Los Angeles, California. It has been featured and referenced countless of times in literature, photography and film, and it has made its way into the heart of pop culture thanks to this little district called “Hollywood”.

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Although, setting aside its ubiquity and the media’s glitzy-glamorous portrayal of it, LA (along with the county area surrounding it) definitely has much, much more to offer as attested by the different spots that our local community members have shared before.

Being on the West Coast, it’s quite obvious that LA has its share of nearby beaches. Going away from the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis and into the county, you can access the likes of El Matador Beach, a little slice of paradise.

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As for a more flavorful taste of culture, you can also head to the enigmatic yet amazing Chinatown area nearby downtown.

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Also, why not stop and find beauty in the seemingly mundane places like Union Station?

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Or find a sense of serenity as you surround yourself with a more natural surrounding like the Angeles National Forest or the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

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So, what do you guys think of this alternate view of the City of Angels? If we missed some of your favorite locations, feel free to share them below or better yet, send them in as a submission!

Lomo On!

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