The Pandas Are In The House!

2013-03-27 1

On Monday, two giant Pandas traveled 15 hours from China to the Pearson International Airport in Toronto via a Fedex flight, suitably named the “Panda Express” – Um, cuteness overload!

Photos via The Toronto Star and CBC

Er Shun and Da Mao are just 5 and 4 years old respectively, but they can add travelling halfway across the world to their list of accomplished feats! It was a spectacle as many watched from their TV screens and live streams through the Internet when the pandas were offloaded from their personal plane. They were not only greeted by a school orchestra and flashing cameras, but the Prime Minister and his wife were also at the tarmac to welcome our new residents for the next few years.

It has been 24 years since the last time Canada was host to giant pandas. They will make their first stay in the Toronto Zoo, open to public in May.

Check out CBC for more information on our special guests!

And for us at Lomography, we were ecstatic watching that live feed, I mean, who doesn’t like pandas?! In honour of this occasion, here are some of our community’s panda shots:

Credits: litleandi, orangebird, ck_berlin, jolenechen, zizixxx, jamielynn747, werriston, pinxponx, wallflowersforjane & zz

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