Bendy, Twisty Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo


At first glance, your brain will not contest that the sculptures made by a Beijing artist are made of solid yet delicate porcelain. But, wait until he demonstrates his sculpture’s full effect — your mind will surely be blown!

We all know what wonders can be done using paper, and artists have been using this everyday material to make the most amazing artworks. But, you will probably never look at sculptures and paper the same way once you’ve seen and experienced the works of Beijing artist Li Hongbo.

First, here’s how the sculptures will welcome you:

They look like they’re made of porcelain, solid yet delicate, don’t you think? Now, watch the artist demonstrate what else his sculptures are for:

Yes, they’re made to blow your mind. How did that happen? This is Colossal shared that Li Hongbo, inspired by traditional Chinese toys and decorations called paper gourds, fashioned these sculptures by gluing layers of thin paper which could be stored flat, but also opened and pulled to reveal other shapes. This technique resulted in some of the most amazing sculptures ever: heads and busts that can be pulled, twisted, and contorted to create bizarre visions that are totally different from how they initially looked like.

What do you think of Li Hongbo’s mind-blowing paper sculptures? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

All information and photos for this article were sourced from This is Colossal.

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