My Analogue Days: In 60 Minutes

2013-03-30 1

Keeping your eyes peeled for mini exhibitions around your workplace or school can pay dividends from an analogue perspective.

There are days when finding things and time to shoot a roll of film seem impossible. One of the things I do to keep days analogue is to look out for banners and flyers on public events or exhibitions near my workplace.

Last year, I chanced upon a banner announcing a free public exhibition within 10 minutes walking distance of my workplace. It was located at a Community Centre, which happens to be a centre for performing arts. I thought it was interesting so during one lunch hour I hopped over and took a look. The exhibition was a collection of dolls but not just the usual Barbies.

According to the brochure, it was an exhibition based on the concept of Bomma Golu, a home-based display of dolls in celebration of the Navarathri Festival, which is a fun-filled Hindu festival, celebrated predominantly by South Indians all over the world.

Even so, there was a collection of limited edition Barbie dolls sets:

And dolls from different cultural origins:

To handmade puppets:

All next to Indian dolls.

Though the dolls displayed only took one room, I had to spend a good part of an hour to look at them all.

Lucky for me, photography was allowed so I whipped my LC-W and snapped away with a roll of expired film. It was also fortunate that I was there as the exhibition was only open for three days. But I wasn’t the only visitor to the exhibition. There was a family who brought their young children to the exhibition.

I find shooting a roll of film to be therapeutic. Being able to do so in the middle of a work day helps me to relax. What about you?

See the full album here.

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