Springtime Scenes: The Harry P Leu Gardens and My Canonet 28 Rangefinder


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I decided to take my Canonet rangefinder 28 to Leu Gardens. This was the perfect day to explore what nature can be found near downtown Orlando!

This past weekend, the weather in Orlando was perfect considering it was mid March (alright, in all honesty, Orlando has near perfect weather almost year round!). One of my favorite outdoor spots in Orlando is definitely The Harry P Leu Gardens. It’s crazy that this place is so close to the downtown area of the city. When you are inside the Leu Gardens, you feel so completely removed from the city that you can forget it even exists.

In order to document my wanderings around the Leu Gardens, I grabbed my Canonet Rangefinder 28 and set out for a few hours of exploring. As a child growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, I am certainly familiar with analogue cameras, but cannot even remember the last time I’ve used a film camera (I’m talking a decade or so!). I was recently inspired to jump into the analogue lifestyle again, and purchased the Canonet 28 rangefinder a few months ago off of ebay. I’ve forgotten the excitement that comes with dropping my film off at the lab and rushing back to pick it up as soon as possible.

When I first entered the Leu Gardens, the staff member near the entrance marked the spots on the map where the flowers were starting to bloom. Yes, this place is large enough that you need a map to find your way around. Wandering around, I made my way to the butterfly gardens and the rose gardens. I also let myself get lost in the walkways that are lined with tall trees and blooming flowers that I won’t even pretend to know the names of. The gardens even have an actual working clock that is made of flowers.

This garden has become my place to spend a calm and serene day in Orlando. There are benches galore that I can spend hours getting lost in my thoughts. I can also spend a couple of hours wandering the trails, people watching, and even see snake or two! The Leu Gardens truly seem like a mini vacation only miles from my house.

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