Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Edition: Surprises in Small Packages!


It’s tiny, practical, outstanding and gorgeous. Besides that, it sparkles! The new Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Edition will not deceive you. All good things come in small packages, and this camera is not the exception.

Walking around, I accidentally found a 110 film. I never thought that I could find something like that inside a drug store. The 110 film was an expired Kodak Ultra 400; It immediately brought me back to my childhood, my first camera used that type of film and I was surprised that such thing survived during all these years. As I expected, it cost me almost nothing, less than five dollars. I bought one, just for the good old memories, but I never thought that I would be using it.

In February, my boyfriend gave me a Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Edition and a bunch of 110 Kodak films as a present. He went back to that drugstore and bought all the 110 film there and surprised me; of course, he also gave me a Lobster Redscale 110, a Color Tiger 200 ISO, a Black and White Orca 100 and the new Peacock 200. Now, I could use the film and experiment with my new toy. The place I picked for my very first try was the New Chinese Year, in Mexico City.

It was a great opportunity to try the camera and see how it worked on a clouded day. The film I picked was my Kodak Ultra 400. The place lacked of light, even so, the pictures came out with unbelievable vintage tones. A little dark, but it doesn’t bother me.

One of the amazing advantages that the Fisheye Baby Gold Edition has, it is the size. It doesn’t weigh much, so you can take it anywhere and you won’t even feel its presence. And every time you feel like capturing something, just shoot.

One of the things I loved the most was its lens. I took many pictures of flowers with my Peacock, some of them were shot at very close distance; so don’t fear getting closer, your pictures will come out focused.

I must say that the camera works a lot better in sunny days, but do not abuse the light — try to find the midpoint.

As you can see, you have a multi-tasking object. The Fisheye Baby Gold Edition is not only a lomographic camera, it can also serve as an accessory and part of your outfit. I know it sounds superficial, but fashionistas will love it!

One of the things I don’t like about it, is that you can’t rewind the film and this camera is not suitable for professional photography. It is amazing and you can take it everywhere, it will work, you will get beautiful pictures, but the resolution will not be the best.

Despite that, and even when I want to become a pro, I love using it. The results I got have never disappointed me. It’s a camera that I truthfully recommend.

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