In Full Bloom: The Flower Project


Last Spring, I decided to photograph the blossoming of a flower and made a small stop motion movie after to celebrate my favorite season!

I love springtime! It’s when my plants start growing their flowers, something I find very rewarding. I don’t take much care of them, but it seems that I am one of those people that plants like. That makes me truly happy!

Walking Iris (the flowers last only 24 hours), Jasmine, and African Daisies.

A few months after I moved to a house with a big, sunny veranda, I noticed that a particular plant, a Gerbera, seemed to enjoy the change a lot . It didn’t grow flowers for years but now I could see it was finally growing flowers again!

I had forgotten the color of its flowers so I was really curious and looking at it everyday with impatience. I wish I had a forward button to see it blossom quickly like in the National Geographic documentaries. That’s how I got the idea of taking a picture of it everyday.

At the time, I was trying out my new LC-A Instant back. I struggled a lot with it and this project made me waste dozens of instant pictures. But, nothing looks cuter than a little potted plant on a mini instant picture!

After taking a picture a day for a week, I made a small stop motion video. This is amateur as can be but I was not totally disappointed with the result. I hope you like to watch my Gerbera blossoming!

Happy Spring, dear lomographers!

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