Nick Raven: On Expression and Alliteration


Nick Raven is a relatively new name in the music scene, but he has already managed to establish familiarity in Australia, with his songs enjoying replays all over the airwaves. Most recently, he has released his debut album, Love and Lomography!

“I love the way music can hear me more than anything else.”

Early last February, we had the pleasure of sharing a sun-soaked, psychedelic sample of Auckland-based musician Nick Raven’s debut album, Love and Lomography. Offering a more laid-back alternative to the usual upbeat spring tune selections, Love and Lomography is Nick’s pet project – he wrote, produced, and recorded the album himself – and is as raw and revealing as they come.

We’ve gotten in touch with Nick recently, and here’s what he had to say about the experience!

(And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to his tunes? You can listen to the album over at his bandcamp page.)

Nick Raven. Photo courtesy of Nick Raven

Real name and location?

Nicholas Charles Money Raven, from Drury, Auckland, New Zealand

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did your love affair with music start?

I played guitar from a young age and I got really into the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was eight. I guess I just got more and more into music and I stared playing music more and more. I found myself in music. Or music found me.

Congratulations on the release of your debut album! How was the experience in making it?

Thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed making my album. I recorded it myself in a situation which allowed creative freedom and isolation from the world. I was completely in my element.

Photo courtesy of Nick Raven

We noticed that you named your debut album Love and Lomography. Can you share to us the reason or the story why you chose that?

I had written many songs about love around that time, and Lomography worked with that as a visual despcription of that period of time — an up and down, hazy, out of this world, floating, dreamy, psychedelic, crazy, young love image, if you will. Also I’m a big fan of alliteration — I liked the way it sounded.

What is the theme or concept behind the whole album?

Just that period of time really, an album reflecting where I was at and my musical direction at the time.

Describe your musical style. Any artists you take inspiration from?

I call it psychedelic folk. I am a massive Neil Young fan. I went to his show in Wellington a few days ago (as of writing). The The are a also big influence on me. Led Zeppelin, the Flying Nun scene in NZ: Snapper, the Chills, Sneaky Feelings. And lots of music. I am a music lover.

What do you love most about the process of making music?

The way that it isn’t a process. It just happens. I love the way music can hear me more than anything else.

Nick Raven and friends. Photo courtesy of Nick Raven

So, what’s next for Nick Raven?

More albums, more shows, maybe some music videos. We’ll see.

Any advice or closing words of wisdom for other aspiring artists out there?

Play music because you love it.

You can follow and get the latest on Nick Raven via Bandcamp or Facebook.

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