Vintage Black and White Photos Meet the Smartphone Film Scanner

2013-03-27 2

You not only shoot analogue right now, but you also have old negatives from days gone by lying around? All the more reason to get the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner! All those old memories can be brought back to life faster than ever!

Lomographer guanatos has recently scanned some old black and white negatives with the Smartphone Film Scanner, proving once again that scanning has never been this convenient, no matter what kind of 35mm film you want to scan or how old it is! Enjoy some of his scans:

You can buy the scanner online or Find a Store

We already have other galleries of scans made with the Smartphone Film Scanner ready for you to check out. Here are sixsixty's gallery of scans, vgzalez's scans and wapclub's test scans.

You might also want to check out vgzalez’s review of the Smartphone Film Scanner. Check it out here.

The scans you can get with your Lomography Smartphone Scanner are even good enough quality to print.

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  1. freelancer
    freelancer ·

    The lomo smartphonescanner seems to have a really bad resolution - brings really lofi scans out of high res negs! Makes no sense to me.
    The Results look like pictures taken with a cheap digicam with a tiny-tiny sensor - like those in the early Nokia Cellphones. What a waste of time and money.
    I always try to combine the best of analog world with the best of digital world.
    Don´t like! Don´t need! Won´t buy
    But that are only my 5 cent

  2. antoris
    antoris ·

    I'm agree with freelancer, I've bought the smartphone scanner and with a Sony Xperia S (12 mpxl camera) the results are full of noises and there are no remedies for that! Also the app is unusable, and it fakes all the colors... I'm very disappointed! Lomography says "perfect for the sharing"... my photos are irremediably transformed by noises, and on the PC the resolution is ridiculous, but you just can see it on the samples that they posted on this page! they have touted it as a miracle (see all the reviews) but, to me, it is non-functional although the basic idea is nice. But NON-FUNCTIONAL is the worst adjective for a product, and says all about it.

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