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Discovering Once: Buenos Aires Off The Beaten Track


Once is one of the busiest areas of the city and perhaps one of the most colorful and diverse. Home to bustling markets, a high traffic transport area, and a very diverse ethnic community, this neighborhood begs to be portrayed. So, why not leave your guidebook behind for once and discover a new part of town?

Credits: jorgelinasasso

Once is one of the busiest areas of the City of Buenos Aires. It is home to people from very diverse ethnic backgrounds and houses a Jewish, Asian, African and Latin American community.

Once is also one of the most important commercial centers of the city. In its numerous shops and stalls, you can get just about anything at very low cost: textiles, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, party favors, etc…

Credits: jorgelinasasso

Officially this zone is part of Balvanera, but the area near the intersection of Corrientes and Pueyrredón is better known as Once. It adopted this name from the railway station Once de Septiembre, named after September Eleven. Due to the presence of this train station, along with several subway and bus stops, Plaza Once is a very high traffic zone.

Credits: jorgelinasasso

So why should you visit this part of town? Sure, at Plaza Once, you can find the Mausoleum of Bernardino Rivadavia, Argentina’s first president, but that hardly makes it a desirable tourist destination. Truth is, the diversity of its population and the feverish commercial activity spread throughout the streets create a very impressive mosaic of colors and aromas. Add to that some gorgeous architectural gems, and you have a unique neighborhood that is worth your time and attention!

Credits: jorgelinasasso

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