My (Ideal) Analogue Day


A whole day without the hassle of LCD screens, e-mails, and all things digital. Here’s a peak inside my ideal analogue day!

Like most of us 21st century human beings, my life revolves around all sort of digital devices. I wake up to the sound of a digital alarm clock, spend my days at work sitting in front of a computer, keep in touch with my friends sending them texts and e-mails, drive with my navigation system always by my side (just in case), watch a whole season of my favorite TV show on some free streaming website… I never leave home without my smartphone, my mp3 player, my tablet, and so on. My job requires all kinds of digi-gimmicks, but at least in my spare time, I try to “leave the digital grind behind” as much as I can.

This is why I decided to make Sunday my analogue day. Let me tell you about my own ideal schedule of the perfect analogue day.

A slow-paced, silent wake up to a sunbeam leaking in through the curtains, gently reaching my pillow would be the best possible start to my ideal analogue day. Too bad we don’t have so many sunny days ‘round here, so I guess I’ll have to settle for a not-so-silent wake up to the sound of an old fashion alarm clock.

I like to lay in bed a few more minutes after waking up, doing nothing but enjoying the beginning of a brand new day.

I’m not a fan of having breakfast in bed, so I’d rather get ready for going out.

I would meet my best friend and we could have breakfast in some nice place, or just sip hot coffee on the go.

We would then take a stroll downtown and take the time to appreciate the beauty that lies just before our eyes everyday but we’re too busy to notice.

We would then go home and a have quiet, cozy lunch.

Afterwards, we could go explore new places. We’d be looking for trees and open spaces, the kind we lack here in the city.

We would wander through the fields and in the woods, or just in some park in our city, and our dogs would obviously come along.

I would most likely spend the late afternoon at home. I’d be listening to music, but I’d do that the old school way: audio-tapes! I know a turntable would be way cooler, to bad I’ve never had one…

At home you’d most likely find me in my bedroom, sitting at my desk drawing…

Cuddling with my dogs…

Or browsing through old pictures.

The best conclusion to my ideal analogue day? A dinner (or ice-cream dinner) with my pals…

…And then a gig!

What about you? What would your ideal analogue day be like?

written by bunnyears on 2013-03-28 #lifestyle #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #analogue-life #requested-post #my-analogue-day

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