Pamukkale Hot Springs: A White Cotton Magical Castle

2013-03-26 2

Hierapolis in Turkey is a fairly unknown and often overlooked world-wonder. A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey will take you on a extraordinary natural adventure that you’ll never forget. Read on and discover this truly enchanting place!

The gorgeous natural site of Pamukkale is part of the larger Hierapolis complex, located in Denizli province in Turkey. Pamukkale translates from Turkish to cotton castle. One look at the majestic configurations of white crystal terraces explains how it got this name!

Credits: analemma

These amazing hot springs are very unique in the world and are the result of high seismic activity in this part of the country. The hot water from the natural springs has a very high mineral content. As the water travels down the hill the minerals get deposited, calcium carbonate builds up, and an unwordly “cotton castle” seems to emerge.

As the water flows down, its temperature lowers to a very enjoyable 30 degrees in the small limestone terraces that fill up with water. Visiting this lovely place during the low-season allows you to enjoy these small thermal pools without having fight of hordes of tourists.

The white color and the murmur of the dribbling water make you want to stay forever…

Walking through this magical place is a very lovely experience. The entire place is covered in porous limestone, so there is no danger of sliding down a slippery path. All you need to do is relax, while soaking in the springs and overlooking the surreal scenery of snow-like slopes.

Credits: analemma

On top of all this natural beauty, the site also houses the remnants of the ancient biblical city of Hierapolis, dating back to 190BC. Walking amidst these ruins makes you think of ancient times, with all its marvelous wonders. It is the perfect ending to a relaxing day!

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  1. nural
    nural ·

    When I went there (about 20-22 years ago), it was so slippery, I ended up falling down and had a bruise on my back for quite sometime :) But it does seem magical in all white...

  2. steffilove
    steffilove ·

    amazing place, have been there in october of the most impressive and beautiful places around the world

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