BDI - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #22


By now you know my story: July 2009, 8000 km road trip, 3 generations, 1 van. Crazy? Yes. Lomographically limited? In no way whatsoever! I took along 10 cameras and 40 rolls of film. We passed through 10 American states and 3 Canadian provinces, and we stopped for ice cream as often as we could…

BDI stands for the Bridge Drive In, and for over 50 years, Winnipeggers have been lining up on hot summer nights (and cool and rainy ones too) at the city’s favorite ice cream drive-in. The BDI sits on the bank of the Red River beside the Elm Park walking bridge. The bridge was built in 1912, but closed to traffic in 1965. It’s hard to believe that it was open to two-way vehicle traffic, because it’s only 15 feet wide!

BDI serves eleven flavors of soft ice cream, and all kinds of specialty sundaes and unique ice cream desserts. The most memorable treat is known as the goog special, which is an upside down blueberry milkshake with a hot fudge sundae and bananas topped with whipped cream, or the upside down brandied peach velvet, which includes a peach shake and a fresh peach sundae with whipped cream and a cherry, or the cantaberry which is a half a cantaloupe filled with a blueberry sundae, bananas, and…you guessed it, whipped cream. They also claim to have the thickest shakes in town – I have to admit, they’re the thickest shakes I’ve ever seen. My mouth is watering just writing about it.

We always order our sundaes, shakes, and cones, and then walk across the bridge while we enjoy them – the kids generally end up wearing as much ice cream as they eat, especially on really hot nights. As a teenager, when I came here, my goal was to get as many extra toppings as I could, and watch people’s reactions as I walked from the front of the long, crowded line toward the bridge.

Open Seasonally; Mon-Fri noon-11 pm, Sat & Sun 11 am-11 pm.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yum ! A mouth-watering location ! 'Home of the creamiest...' is a very cool slogan ! Even better if you apply it to other contexts 8DDD

  2. rater
    rater ·

    mmmmm, ice-cream, mmmmmm... I scream for Ice-cream!

  3. rexhibitionist
    rexhibitionist ·

    Lomographer Was Here!


  4. cameratalk
    cameratalk ·

    YAY! THE BDI! I live right near it and had a summer job there when i was young Thanks for sharing

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