When Is Your Analogue Day? The Results Are In!

2013-03-22 2

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “When Is Your Analogue Day?” survey. As promised, we will be launching some fantastic deals on the day that gets the most votes. We’re sure you’re curious about the most popular day, so here are the results …

Photo by: donnalibera

Monday – 5%
Tuesday – 4%
Wednesday – 7%
Thursday – 7%
Friday – 12%
Saturday – 31%
Sunday – 34%

Based on your votes, you’re most likely to unplug from the digital grind on the weekend – Saturday and Sunday. To celebrate, we’ll be launching a massive deal tomorrow in the Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide, so stay tuned!

Happy Analogue Day :)

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  1. mmxi
    mmxi ·

    I think the best result would speak for itself. If you'd analyze images, that contain information about the day, when the picture was taken, you would have a clear image of the most popular analougue day!
    Now when you have info from survey, you'd be able to tell the difference between what people say they're analogue day is and what it actually is.

  2. mmxi
    mmxi ·

    I have made a research myself :) The post is in Russian.
    I am as nerdy as my avatar

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