My Analogue Days: Thirty Days Away from Home

2013-03-25 3

This is my first time I left my home for a quite long time. It’s because my college (my major, actually) required me to do a short internship in another town, about 470 miles away from my hometown. Read about it after the jump!

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My duty there was to have my internship in a factory for thirty days and to accomplish one of my final assignments in college. I went to a little town named Pasuruan, located in East Java, Indonesia. There was no airport, so that meant I had to go by train, then continue via bus to get there but I didn’t mind at all because my journey will be more fun and there were more moments I could capture. The most important thing was that I don’t forget is to bring my soulmates – Nikon FM3a and my lovely SuperSampler.

Credits: spidey27

In this factory, I worked at a waste water treatment process. Because of the factory’s confidential reason, the rules said that we were not supposed take any pictures. But luckily, I captured some photos tactly!

Credits: spidey27

Hooray! It’s weekend! Time to explore what’s in Pasuruan! First , we go to to the tourism and cultural spot. Wow, it amazed me! Pasuruan has an old mosque built by Chinese descent, named Cheng Hoo. Our next stop was Jawi Temple and Kakek Bodo Waterfall. The last stop for the first weekend is the zoo!

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Time flies fast, and another weekend came. So we, decided to visit Surabaya city, the capital city of East Java. The weather was cloudy there, so I was only successful on taking a few pictures, including some pictures of the classic church we visited.

Credits: spidey27

My last days of internship came. Honestly, I didn’t think about how to finish my internship well. But I prefer to think about our last chance to visit the great venue of East Java. Where we will go? The people said, Malang, a city near Pasuruan has a new big zoo with exotic animals inside. And they were right, it was proven! One of my favorite things there is the beautiful white peacocks.

Credits: spidey27

Goodbye, East Java! Lomo on!

Credits: spidey27

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    asiiiiik! :D

  2. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    seru parah nih jurnal lo vin! \:D/

  3. spidey27
    spidey27 ·

    @adi_totp coba horizon y.... :(
    @istionojr seruu abis ga, tugasnya mah terbengkalai sampe skr.. hahahahha...

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