Photography Project Encourages You to Capture an Indisposable World with a Disposable Camera


If you like the convenience and simplicity offered by disposable cameras, check out this photography project which requires shooting with a disposable camera. See if it’s something you want to participate in after the jump!

In their heydays, disposable cameras were always present in outings, trips, and parties for the simplicity and convenience that they offered. You just buy one, shoot up to the last frame, bring it to the lab, and get your prints. While their numbers have dwindled through the years, those who miss the fuss-free disposable cameras (and film photography in general) can still pick-up one, and maybe take part in the Indisposable Concept Project.

The Australia-based project involves using a disposable camera to document at least 24 moments and memories within a week. “The beauty of this process is that each shot taken is unique and untouched. The images can’t be deleted, only a certain number of shots are available and nothing is revealed until the photos have been developed,” says the description in the project’s official website.

While projects involving disposable cameras aren't completely new, the idea of condensing the happenings and moments of your week into a roll of film is certainly a challenge, don’t you think?

Visit the Indisposable Concept Official Website and Indisposable Concept Facebook Page for more information!

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