Feeling Lucky? Take Part in the Lomo Fortune Egg Raffle


Easter is the time to find neat little surprises and little gifts that your friends took time picking out and hiding. We decided to have all this going on in our Lomography Gallery Stores! Time to stumble upon some neat Lomo gifts and save big time on other stuff. Find out all about the Lomo Fortune Egg Raffle after the jump!

Credits: lomographyparis

Starting today, you will be able to experience the joys and little thrills of Easter time not only at home but in your next Lomography Gallery Store as well! Everyone purchasing items worth 60 € / USD / £ (or equivalent in local currency) can pick one of the Easter eggs we have prepared! Of course, these won’t be your typical chocolate egg. We swapped them for something far more appealing to your analogue heart and instead of being edible they contain some sweet lomographic Easter treats for you to win.

What the little Lomo eggs hold, you ask? If you are lucky, you might find workshop vouchers, LomoLab development vouchers, discounts for your next purchase and loads of other lomographic treats. And if the Easter bunny has really graced your visit, you might even find a little camera inside!

Credits: fancholland2

Sounds good? Then head over to the Lomography Gallery Store closest to you and start looking for that one easter egg that feels especially lucky. The list of Lomography Gallery stores that will participate in this raffle: Hong Kong, Singapore, Amsterdam, Taichung, Taipei, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, London East, London West, Madrid Argensola, Madrid Echegaray, Milan, Paris Franz Liszt, Paris Marais, Toronto, Chicago, New York West Village, San Francisco.

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