Vinyl Havens: Revolve Records and Relics, Erskineville

2013-03-25 2

Part 4 of 4 in a Vinyl Havens series that explores the record stores of Inner West Sydney. Final stop: Revolve Records and Relics, in Erskineville.

Credits: lokified

The final (for now) part of my Vinyl Havens project ends down Erskineville Road — in Revolve Records and Relics — tucked away between a veterinary clinic and a pizza place.

Credits: lokified

Revolve Records was founded in 2004 by Jon Ordon (who has been in the record business for 17+ years). The first thing you can’t fail to notice upon approaching Revolve is the stacks-upon-stacks of loose second-hand LPs and 45s in their milk crates outside the door. There are two layers to sort through, as well as a separate set of crates for dog-eared paperback books.

Credits: lokified

Once inside, the major feature in the centre of the shop is a series of tables stacked with yet-more-milk crates. These, however are much more organised than the chaos outside, with records neatly divided into genre and sub-genre.

Credits: lokified

Along the walls, the chaos returns with stacks of 45s in storage bins under vintage hi-fi equipment (which they also repair!) and leads to the bric-a-brac section.

Credits: lokified

And yes, they DO have bric-a-brac. Everything from vintage jackets, hats, glassware, vases and several shelves of books.

Credits: lokified

I’ve been here many times, and I’ve come away with anything from a leather binder for 45s, to a hardcover book of love poetry from the 60s, to a set of six saucer champagne glasses. You never know what you might find!

A nice feature that most record stores don’t offer anymore is a listening station! A few turntables and high-end headphones provide a chilled spot where customers can try before they buy.

Credits: lokified

While Revolve may have the newest limited edition releases, they make up for it in charm. Drop in and be surprised!

Some information sourced from the Revolve Records and Relics website.

Well, that’s the last of my Vinyl Havens articles. The community feedback has been fantastic, and it’s been loads to fun. I think record store owners may be some of the coolest people around when it comes to letting you do analogue photography in their store. I highly recommend wandering in to your local record shop and snapping away!

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  1. goff
    goff ·

    What camera? :)

  2. lokified
    lokified ·

    @goff All of my Vinyl Havens articles were shot with my Olympus OM-1 & the same roll of Lomography CN 800. I consider that my Journalism combo. :)

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