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Spring season means some parts of the world are getting a little bit more sunshine each day, so it’s a good time to start stocking on some lower ISO films! Looking for something new to try? You might want to take a look at these reviews by your fellow lomographers on Fuji Pro 160S in 35mm and 120 formats, and see if it’s something you can consider!

Credits: an_lai_drew

The Mystical Fuji Pro 160S 120mm Review by an_lai_drew

“I might not buy this Fuji Pro 160s in 120mm but I will definitely try it with my 35mm cameras as I believe with my La Sardina or Olympus Trip 35, it could produce fantastic results!”

Photo by uncle_jay

Review: Fuji Pro 160S 35mm - The Film that Makes you Think by uncle_jay

“Here’s what I noticed when used with the Olympus PEN EE2…For outdoors street shots, some photos will turn out dull even in bright daylight. I suspect this could be due to the camera’s automatic exposure system…I found the film to be ‘soft’, which could be due to camera shake. Even so, it can produce a sharp photo in uneven lighting.”

Photo by adi_totp

Let's Go Pro with Fuji Pro 160S 120 by adi_totp

“Nice and smooth! I think Fuji Pro 160S 120 is a perfect choice for Diana F+. The ISO 160 is a good choice too for shooting under the bright light like shooting in the beach.”

Photo by ethermoon

Fuji NPS (35mm, 160 iso) User-Review by ethermoon

“It has a stunning 160 IS, great for outdoor, sunny day shots! Skin tones are excellent, extreme low-grain and of course, soften the skin wrinkles and a perfect color is surely waiting since this film is overly saturated but with lower contrasts; suitable for photographing a friend!”

Credits: zipper

Fujifilm 160S PRO: Undefined Definition by zipper

“I decided to load my camera with it when I was visiting an Elephant Orphanage, the colours and the bright sun were fantastic. First question: 100 or 200? I decided that 100. The photo above is the result. The whites are very white but the color definition is great, I do not know if it is because of the PRO or the S, but undoubtedly the colors look great.”

The Fuji Pro 160S 120 is a pro-quality colour film that’s a little faster than ISO 100 film but has the creamy-smooth fine grain of much slower film (say an ISO 25 or 50). Expect fantastic colours and contrasts from the Fuji Pro 160S 120, available in our Shop.

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