The Lomo Caterpillar at Lomography HQ in Vienna: The Making Of


You want to catch a glimpse at the making of the Lomo Caterpillar video made at the Lomography offices in Vienna? Then read on and check out some making of shots after the jump!

In anticipation of the Lomography World Photo Caterpillar that is going down this Saturday at Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide, we made our own Lomo caterpillar at the headquarter offices in Vienna and, in true Lomo caterpillar tradition, edited the resulting shots together to create a stop-motion animation video.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of the Lomography HQ caterpillar:

A Lomo Caterpillar basically consists of people standing in a line and taking a portrait of the person standing behind them. They then hand the camera to that person after taking their shot and that person repeats the process. After taking your shot, you move to the end of the line. This process can be continued until you have reached a certain destination or simply have run out of film. Any kind of props to use in the shots are sure going to add even more fun to the caterpillar. The resulting shots are then edited together to make a stop-motion animation.

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