My Analogue Days: Capturing the Local Zoo with Agfa CT Precisa

2013-03-29 7

Since it’s springtime and the sky is blue, why don’t you do a lomowalk and visit your local zoo?

When I do a lomowalk, I have a certain plan some places I should have to go. Usually, I do and I like street photography, architecture, or human interest.

It was Sunday morning, and I had a plan to go to Dago street because there was a car free day event. When I arrived and walking around, I didn’t find any interesting activities so I was really frustrated. I walked to nowhere and didn’t realize if my feet stepped toward the local zoo near Dago. Hmm I think I’m gonna get in and take some photos.

You know, it was 9 o’clock and the light that seeped through the trees was really amazing. I began to enjoy that lomowalk!

I got a nice flare!

Okay, I walked again and found some objects.

I love the green and yellow shades of this Agfa film.

When I saw the zebras, I shot about two frames, one frame normal, one frame mx-ed.

Slide film makes photos shot in mx mode look like a fantasy picture, especially Agfa films!

At the zoo, I saw another animal that made me smile and made me afraid, or maybe curious.

Credits: ekeupratama

After I got satisfied taking some pictures and looking at the different kinds of animals, I went to the photolab. On my way going outside the zoo there were so many Delman. Delman is a traditional transportation of Indonesia, a cart that pulled by a horse. But it was no ordinary horse, because the horse has been decorated.

Credits: ekeupratama

You guys should try riding the delman when you come to Indonesia, specifically in Bandung!

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