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An important memorial place for both Maori and New Zealanders, One Tree Hill is one of Auckland’s largest intact volcanic cone. The 48-hectare domain, looked after by the Auckland Council, is also known as Maungakiekie which translates to ‘mountain of the kiekie vine’ and is a popular spot to enjoy for tourist and locals alike.

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The 182-metre volcanic summit peak is the grave site of Sir John Logan Campbell. It is surmounted by an obelisk that was completed in 1940 and designed by Richard Atkinson Abbot. Before it, stands a bronze statue of a Maori warrior and was constructed in accordance with the wishes in John Campbell’s will to commemorate his admiration for the Maori people. Sir Campbell was a prominent New Zealand public figure and served as Superintendent of the Auckland Pronvince.

The hill was named after a solitary pine tree that grew on the summit which has suffered much abuse and vandalism. After substantial efforts to recover and mend the tree, it was officially removed on 26th October 2000. The new nickname — None Tree Hill — soon followed.

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Entry to the park is free and there are many ways you can enjoy the park. It’s a popular venue for walkers/joggers and the whole park is open to foot access, meaning that you can leave the path and get amongst the landscape. Cycling on the road is allowed but because of the soft volcanic soil, off-road mountain biking is prohibited. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on leads at all times, and there are toilet facilities available throughout the park.

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One Tree Hill is one of my favourite places to take my friends who come to visit me in Auckland. It offers a calm and relaxing ambience amongst the beautiful nature without being too far away from the city — the park is only 15 minutes away from central Auckland! The summit offers a 360 view of Auckland and you can see as far as Rangitoto Island! Farm animals such as sheep and chickens can be found throughout the park, adding to the countryside vibe.

Credits: amytam

It’s also a great place to spend your analogue days. I often come here, armed with my trusty camera, a good book, a bottle of water and a picnic mat!

Amy Tam is a self-confessed travel addict who loves eating, writing and taking loads of photos. In her spare time she likes to travel to new and different places – armed with a film camera where she snaps to her heart’s content. This Location series is dedicated to her beloved home city – Auckland – where she has been happily residing for the past 20 years.

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