Reviews on Rewind: Fuji Provia 100 (35mm and 120)


Itching to try a new slide film? If you haven’t tried shooting with Fuji Provia 100F, whether in 35mm or 120 format, why not put it on your “films to try” list? But, if you want to find out first what your fellow lomographers have to say about it, we bring you a Reviews on Rewind installment dedicated to this popular Fuji slide film that yields blue-ish and green-ish hues!

Photo by prestoncochran

Instant Nostalgia with Fuji Provia 100F X-Pro by prestoncochran

“One of the best ways to see the breakdown of the cross-processed Fuji Provia 100F is in the sky. All of the different shades of green and yellow just blow me away and add such an analogue feel to these pictures.”

Credits: adam_g2000

Expired Film Review: Fuji Provia 100F by adam_g2000

“Unlike other expired films, the grain seems very minimal too, even when assaulted with C41. I highly recommend Provia 100F especially for a xpro newbie. I also highly recommend getting it expired. It seems to age well.”

Photo by shuttersentinel17

Review: Fuji Provia 100F by shuttersentinel17

“The cross-processed results perfectly reflected the atmosphere at that time; strong contrast of the sunny day and the cooling blues of the temperature we experience. I also found out that reds turn out pretty strong too – there were lots of strawberries and strawberry balloons that became intense red after cross processing the Provia! There was also purple subjects which appear very nicely as well.”

Photo by sarahboat

Versatile Provia: Fuji Provia (120, 100ISO) User-Review by sarahboat

“Using Fuji Provia 100F in my Holga, I have found that it responds quite well to cross processing when shooting in strong sunlight. The fine grain produces sharp images with vivid and bright blues, greens, and reds that look pure and strong.”

Photo by hansie14

Delicious Provia For Me! Fuji Provia (120, 100 ISO) User-Review by hansie14

“I soon grabbed myself another 5 pack of Fuji slide film without realizing I’d picked up Provia instead of Velvia. However, I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous bright tones of the cross processed Provia pics.”

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