My Analog Days: Finding Variety in the Ordinary


Is your usual routine making it difficult for you to take new and interesting photos? Read on for my own experience and solution for that!

Going on photowalks is fun – even when you’re doing it by yourself. From the everyday stress of going to work or battling against a hundred other commuters for a space on the train, the repetitiveness of daily activities has not stopped me from taking photos. It does get harder to look for things to take pictures of especially if that’s what you see everyday, but I guess that is what makes photography fun and challenging!

Whether the sun is out high or dark clouds loom over the city, I always bring a camera in my bag for those quick snapshots. My favorite camera by far for everyday use is a pre-owned Olympus XA3 which I bought from an online store mainly because it’s very easy to use and can fit easily into my bag. Also, I owe a lot to its auto exposure ability.

I don’t usually get to go to other places unless it’s been planned for several months in advance due to hectic hospital and clinic schedules. So, I’ve come up with other ways to see and photograph new things on the way to my destination. One of which is I sometimes ride other modes of transportation to work. This way, I’ll be able to explore new areas of the city while commuting. Other times, instead of hitching a ride, I walk to my destination especially if it’s not far off. I get to see more interesting stuff along the way that I might never have noticed when I’m on the bus or the jeepney.

How about you? How do you keep your analog days interesting?

Thanks for reading!

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