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Years after the release of the ever classy Diana F+, it remains one of the most popular and reviewed cameras here on Lomography Magazine. If you’re wondering what your fellow lomographers have to say about this medium format shooter, check out the reviews we’ve collated for you in this installment of Reviews on Rewind!

Diana F+, The Beautiful Bird by aroninvt

“She is elegant and fragile, delicate beyond words, with a simplicity like stone, she holds mysteries deep in her lens. Every moment a poem in her arms, like musk from a forgotten lover, drifting lazily on the breeze. She catches you by the nostrils and forcefully pulls your attention to forgotten corners and places overlooked. So much at your feet, how little we notice the world around us. Like fairies in the trees, she haunts us from the corners, her sly smile luring you on still.”

Credits: luciejolly

Diana F+ Gold Edition: A Golden Companion by mikeydavies

“But then it wasn’t until 2 days after when i took Diana out for our second date when we really hit it off. i took her for a walk through the woods and really started to click. The bright sun bought out the best in her and I really began to enjoy having her by my side. The way she looked in the sun with the light bouncing off her golden body just looked gorgeous!”

Photo by strangelilgirl

Diana F+ Tori Amos Edition by strangelilgirl

“However, there are a plethora of Diana reviews out there and on this site, so what I hope for you to take away from this review are the reasons why this edition should be a part of your collection: the beauty of combining music and photography, two forms of poetry that Tori brings together seamlessly; the gorgeous physical details of the camera itself, including the golden-orange, metallic shade lining the top of the camera and along the outside of the lens, the ‘Tori Amos’ autograph inscribed to the left of the viewfinder, and the piano keys adorning the winding mechanism.”

Photo by naomiwonderland

Diana F+ Zebra: Create Your Own Safari by naomiwonderland

“You can see that beautiful zebra pattern not only with your eyes but with your fingers too. Just touch it, grab it with your hands, and you will notice that particular texture that makes it really special. Personally, I love the way Lomography has carefully taken into account every little detail, from the pattern to the shutter button so I think you will be very satisfied.”

Pinhole Diana F+ by alexroarsatlyons

“Pinhole isn’t the most used function on the Diana but it is perfect for them. You can shoot pinholes on negative, slide film, dark room paper or any other light sensitive material you can fit inside your little friend.”

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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